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Hi, I'm

Renée Yvonne


2022 Sexpert Consultant of the Year

It's nice to meet you. I am so glad you are here.  You are most likely here because you are a Gen Xer who is realizing that sex is not the same as it was in your 20s and 30s and you aren't sure what to do about it.


Rekindle Passion with Your Partner


  • So, I know it's been a month since I took your amazing class and I wanted to let you know how my night with my man.

    I used the Sweet on Me lube I purchased through you to help keep my mouth juicy....babaaay my mouth stayed not only juicy but delicious that helped me keep going and going cause he tasted so damn good. I was deep throating without any problems.

    For the skills you taught us, gurrrrrrl, I did that rocking motion on his Perineum while sucking him slow and steady, man o man he was moaning and cursing. I started by giving him a body massage with oil (cause I love giving him massages) well he was up and stuck and I'm no quitter so I kept going and going. I looked up and he laid out and said "I drained him" so me being me I kept going, I was really feeling myself. Thank you Renee for that amazing class. I had fun and enjoy giving BJ's a little too much now. 

    Thank You again! 


    Happy Client- Blow His Mind Workshop

  • Thank you this suggestion. We bought the dilators and they have been helpful so far. We're implementing more your techniques to increase comfort!


    Happy Client- Couple's Coaching

  • Last night, we tried the vulva massage that you taught us. I think you just saved my marriage! She loved it. 


    Happy Client- Couples Coaching

  • Our sex experience before meeting Renee was good but only at times, we started to drift apart and not communicate. After we have sex, we communicate much better and it seems like there is more passion in our sex life. Renee makes talking about sex very easy. This willl improve our communication much more in the future.

    Ashley Z.

    Happy Client

  • I took the Sex & Seduction Workshop because I wanted to learn to be a better sexual partner.

    After the workshop, I feel more informed with the tools to improve my sex life and I am able to recognize sexual personalities in myself and my partner.

    Renee is down to earth and very real in her teaching style! Keep doing what you're doing because it works.


    Happy Client- Sex and Seduction Workshop

  • Talking to Renee was awesome, we had a great conversation and I felt more comfortable talking about sex topics. Our conversation was really great.

    Taylor F.

    Laurel, MD

  • I'm single BUT when I do get a partner, I'm sure my takeaways from this workshop has positioned me to perform better than I did before. : )

    I like her viewpoint on sex being about pleasure vs. just penetration. I am going to approach sex with a new mindset and set where this new mindset takes me.

    Renee is the bomb! I LOVE how she explains everything in layman's terms. I left her workshop with A LOT of tips and tricks that I can actually apply in my love life. Renee is definitely an A+++ sexologist who I highly recommend. I can't wait to attend her next session.


    Happy Client- Sex and Seduction Workshop

  • I was less confident when I’m with partners, but after working with Renee and learning about the graphs, it made me more confident. It was a less awkward starting point and it flowed more easily than I anticipated. I loved making our graphs and our overall sessions were awesome. It was easy to speak openly about sex and my pleasures.

    Shayla J.

    Arlington, VA

  • Renée's so funny, engaging and personable. She made me feel super comfortable. I took her Blow His Mind workshop class before and that made me want to take this class ( Sex & Seduction) with her too. She’s great!


    Happy Client- Blow His Mind Workshop

  • I feel I gained more knowledge about it. She mentioned a few things I didn't even know. I seriously learned in this class.

    There are multiple things I'm going to put into practice. lol The massage candles. Didn't even know these existed. The cock worshipping tricks are a must try. and the lie/back deep throat position as well.

    She is very personable, animated, and funny. She also made me feel very comfortable during the whole class. I was completely tuned in because she was very informative.


    Happy Client- Blow His Mind Workshop

  • I'm writing to thank you for teaching my girlfriend about giving BJ. She found your class online and wanted to surprise me. 

    After the class, she came over and gave me an erotic massage and then did something she says you called cock worshipping. OMG!!!! That was the BOMB!!! She then sucked me real slow until I came. That woman made me cum 3 times that night! You are definitely doing the Lord's work out here. Bless you!


    Happy boyfriend of woman who took your BJ class

  • Thank you so much! I just wanna say I love Renee ! She is so good ! She always makes you feel so comfortable to ask anything , she is so Thorough, kind , and easy to relate to. I wish I could have weekly calls with her !


    Happy client- Blow His Mind and Sex & Seduction Workshops

  • My girlfriend and I have been together a little over a year and wanted to explore kink. We took Renée's 50 Shades of Play: Intro to Kink workshop. It was well planned. She is very warm and inviting.  She had an extensive knowledge of kink and she brought toys and tools to really expand our kink! We loved working with her. You can feel her passion and she is really funny. I know our sex life will be even better after working with her. 


    Happy Client- 50 Shades of Kink: Intro to Kink


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