How to cum without using a toy

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There I said it. Toys make sex fun and if you don't have a partner it can make solo play time even more fun. But sometimes you can get bored with doing it the same way. Or maybe you forgot to charge your toy or worse your batteries died and you can't use your toy but you still want to have an orgasm. So what do you do?

This week, I had a question from a client about that very thing. Check out the question and the answer below. 

Question: I find it easy to please myself with a vibrator but I wish I could figure it out without toys. Is there anything I can do?

Answer: Yes! Here are some ideas that may help you.

  • Try masturbating in a different position. If you usually lie down, try it on your knees, side, or sitting up. Just changing positions can be exciting and help you to orgasm and enjoy masturbation from a different perspective.
  • We usually only touch our genitals during masturbation, but what about other erogenous zones? Try the nipples, inner thighs, and anal plug while you masturbate.
  • Masturbate in front of a mirror. Use your hand to explore your vulva and see what it really looks like. Fall in love with it then touch it in a way that brings your pleasure until you are screaming in ecstasy. 
  • Try massaging your clitoris in different ways. If you normally use circles try going back and forth across your clit. Or make a V with your hand, tune it upside down and run it up and down between your labia and over your clit. 
  • If you usually masturbate in bed, try masturbating in a different place like your bathroom, living room, or your car, and see how it feels to do it in a different location. Sometimes a new environment can make it more exciting and help you enjoy self-love even more. 

Hopefully, these ideas can help you to enjoy your solo sessions more and find a way to pleasure yourself when you don't want to use your toy or don't have it around to use. 

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