How Do I Make BJs Feel Less Like a Job?

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This week, I received this question from a reader. 

Q: This week I received a question from a reader who asked why does it seem like giving a blow job is an actual job? I don't really enjoy it but my husband LOVES it. How can I learn to cringe at least not when he wants a BJ?

A: I get this question quite a bit so I thought I would answer it here for anyone else who is struggling with this. Before I get into tips to make it feel less like a job I want to say this:  Many men LOVE watching a woman pleasure their penis. There is something about taking in their very essence that drives them wild. But many women don't feel very confident giving one for a variety of reasons from religious beliefs to bad experiences to lack of know-how. So let me try to help!

  • One way to get into the mood is to get yourself in the mood first. Masturbate before or even during giving a blow job and it'll help you get in the mood. Use a clitoral vibrator like the Womanizer Starlet to get you excited. If you haven't tried a clitoral vibrator, I suggest you purchase one immediately to see what all of the fuss is about. 

  • Take some time one evening (or morning) and explore his penis. Touch it in a variety of ways to see what feels good to him. Does he like firm pressure, less pressure, flicking of the tongue, and slow sucking? By doing a little hands-on research you can figure out what he REALLY likes and make giving that BJ easier for you. 
  • Massage his balls before going down on him and while sucking on him. It helps to warm up the testicles and get him primed for ejaculation/ orgasm which can lessen the time you are actually giving head.
  • And last but not least, sign up for my Blow His Mind workshop. You will learn about all things penis from 7 tips to giving great head, to tips tricks, and techniques, positions to give head, and my personal favorite cock worshipping! The workshops are just $40 per person and they are on Zoom.  Register for one today!

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