How do make masturbation more interesting?

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This week, I received a question from a reader. 

Q: Masturbation is getting boring.  My partner says it is too big for her. I need new tips on things I could do to spice it up a bit. Help? 

A: Great Question. We can often get into a routine with masturbation. Once we find something that works, we return to it because it helps us reach climax quicker and easier. But that can become boring. So I do have some suggestions to help spice up your routine. 

  • While you masturbate, touch other parts of your body like your nipples or thighs. You may find that you have discovered new pleasure zones that you haven't activated. 
  • Switch positions.  Try standing up if you usually lie down. Or try sitting in a chair or kneeling to see how that feels. 
  • Use a toy.  There are cock rings like R&B and masturbation toys like Helping Hand by Bedroom Kandi that you can use while you stroke your penis.  
  • Change Hands. This is a simple one you may not have considered. But changing hands changes the stroke and the pressure of your grip. Give it a try. 
  • Pull on your balls. While you stroke with one hand use the other to pull down on your testicles. 
  • Use both hands
  • Edging. This means you will stroke to the brink of climaxing then stop or slow down and start up again until you orgasm. 
  • Try a butt plug. Anal play incorporates a new sensation along with masturbation. There are a ton of nerve endings in the anus that can give you immense pleasure. Try a butt plug such as Booty Call, Thrust- a vibrating butt plug, or Step by Step - anal beads that you insert and remove one by one as you climax.

As for you being too big for her, you may want to try using Sleek lube to make sure she is wet enough before you enter. Or if she is having pain from sex, she may want to try Horizons dilators to help with any tightness she may be feeling. 

I hope one of these works for you and please check back in and let me know. 

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