Using the Five Senses to Seduce Your Partner

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I teach a workshop called Sex & Seduction. It's a workshop where we talk about what seduction is and how to seduce your partner. Many people take this workshop because they think seduction is difficult. They aren't sure what to do and what turns their partner on. But in reality, seduction can be simple if you just use your senses to seduce your partner. Want to know how? Let's begin!


  • Dress up for your partner. This could be role-playing in a costume, lingerie or simply dressing in something your partner likes to see you in. 
  • Blindfold them. Taking away their sight forces them to use other senses to enjoy the experience and heightens the excitement of what is about to come
  • Clean up the space. This seems like it doesn't fit. But when a room is messy it can hinder your partner from focusing on the sexy play because the room is a mess. Take time to make it attractive and relaxing for your partner


  • Use your hands to massage your partner. Run coconut or jojoba oil in your hands to reduce friction and give them a rub down they will enjoy
  • Play with various textures on your partner such as fur, velvet, leather, Wolverine claws, etc, and see which one turns them on the most
  • Handcuff them and withhold their ability to touch forcing them to enjoy being touched without being able to reciprocate


  • Candles. Light great smelling candles in the area
  • Food. The smell of their favorite meal can put them in the mood
  • Perfume/ oil. Wear a scent your partner adores on you


  • Moans. Let them know how much you are enjoying it by giving out a ew sexy moans
  • Music. Play music that puts you and your partner in the mood. It can even be your calling card so they know when they hear a certain song or playlist that sexy time is about to happen
  • Dirty Talk. Seduce your partner to let them know how much you want them by talking dirty to them. Or send them a voice message saying something naughty


  • Food. Cook or buy something that smells and tastes delicious. Bonus points for it being an aphrodisiac
  • Flavored lube. Use it when performing oral sex or lick it off other parts of their body
  • Flavored lip balm. Makes your kisses taste yummy


Now you have some ideas on how to seduce your partner and let them know you are feeling a little randy tonight!


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