Have You Watched How to Build a Sex Room Yet?

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Have you seen Netflix's latest show, How to Build s Sex Room? No! Why not? 

This show is led by interior designer, Melanie Rose, a 50-something sassy British lady with beautiful nails and a fun sense of fashion. With funky shoes to go along with her outfits. Melanie started out like most designers remodeling kitchens and bathrooms until one day someone asked her if she would design a sex room. So she did. And for the past 15 years, this has been her niche! 

And I am here for it. 

In fact, I am planning to reimagine my bedroom and create a space like some of the ones she created. I may share pics once I have it completed too. :)

So what makes these rooms so special?

These rooms are designed to titillate the senses, create intimacy and encourage you to try new things. Melanie challenges people to push their boundaries and try something new to enhance their sex lives. And they can cost anywhere from $30,000 to $190,000 as well. 

Now that you have fainted and gotten back up, let's talk about how you can achieve that with less money.

A coat of paint in a sumptuous color can make a huge difference. Adding textures such as furs, velvet, chains, leather, etc. can give the room a sexy feel. And don't forget the mood lighting like candles or soft lightbulbs can set the sensual mood that you have been looking for. And don't forget to remove any clutter from the space so you can focus on your partner. 

Now you can start to add in some toys and furniture or props to make it all come together. Let's start with:

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A sex chair: I love the Liberator Esse. It is worth every single penny! The wavy form of the sex chair is that it can allow you to get into positions that are harder to do in a bed. Especially for you ladies who like to ride on top but your knees are bad. This will make it soooo much easier to get in that position and many more! Not convinced it's worth the money? Check out this video a couple did showing you the positions you can get into using this chair. 







A wedge: If you can't afford a sex chair or you don't have the space for one, this is a great alternative. The Love Triangle helps you to lift your hips for oral sex or doggy style and even missionary. This wedge has handles on it to give you something to hold on to while engaging in sex play.






Suspense-Sex-Swing_01-0a1bb11dA swing: this over-the-door swing can hold up to 275 pounds. Nice!!! You can use it to find new positions to please your partner. Great for a new oral position or penetrative position.






Womanizer Pro40Toys: There are so many sex toys on the market. I would suggest a clitoral sucking vibrator, a rabbit, a vibrating cock ring, a masturbation sleeve, and a butt plug to begin. But there are so many to choose from, just buy them all!







Light-My-Fire-Edible-Candle_Chocolate-01-e8449ed4Candles: I like battery candles for safety but I also love massage candles. The wax melts at a lower temperature and you can use it to give your partner a warm oil massage. It's great foreplay, feels warm and wonderful, and smells delicious. And some are edible so you can lick it off your partner as well. 





Delicious-Encounters-Lube_Chocolate-01-da9ff662Lube: lube makes everything better. It makes sex slick and wet and that always feels better than dry. Keep a water-based lube by the bed for your silicone sex toys and silicone or oil-based lube for penetrative sex. Just remember don't use silicone lube with silicone toys( it's will break them down) and oil-based lubes are not good with condoms. 





BK-Bonds-of-Desire_AnkleRestraints-01-de702475Bondage props: Add a flogger, eye mask, and restraints to your sex play and watch the fun begin. Hang them on the wall so you have easy access. 






And how about some sexy pics of you or you and your partner?

Now that you have some ideas to get started, what do you think you would add to your sex room?

Want to talk about how to have better sex with your partner? Schedule a Hot Sex Huddle with me and let's spend 30 minutes talking about how to get you the sex you want and deserve. 

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