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Hello, everyone. It's been a few weeks. I know it has been super busy, so let's get to it today. I wanna talk about some of my favorite things. It's that time of year. My favorite Christmas song is My Favorite Things. I'm not really sure why that's a Christmas song because it really doesn't anything to do with Christmas, but I just love that song. It's just my absolute favorite Christmas song. Anyway, so I thought in honor of that, I would share with you some of my favorite things that you can use this year or in the coming years or whatever for your sexual pleasure. So let's get started. Are we ready? Yes. Okay, great. So you all know how much I love toy. So I'm gonna absolutely start with a toy. My new favorite one is the We-vibe Melt. It is a clitoral stimulator vibrator.

And it has, I believe seven different modes there, here, and here where you, you can increase or decrease it. It is rechargeable because you all know, I love rechargeable toys and you should buy them because why have batteries? Right? You can always recharge these and it has an app. And so you can connect this with the app and then the app will allow you to change the, the vibrations and modes without you having to use your fingers, or you can give it to your partner and your partner can change those modes. So this is the We-Vibe Melt. You can buy this on the We-Vibe site. You can buy it, I believe on Lovehoney, and several other places. We vibe Melt. Favorite toy. All right.

Another one of my favorite things that you should have. And I have this in plastic right now because it's warm in here and it melts, but that is coconut oil. Organic coconut oil. Organic coconut oil is awesome because you can use it for giving full body sensual massages to your partner. It makes everything nice and slippery but you cannot use it with condoms. It will kind of dissolve through the condom, but this is a wonderful, wonderful thing to use when you're given a nice long massage or you're doing any type of penis worshiping, vulva worshiping anything like that. This is the oil. Now, if you have an allergic reaction to coconut oil, I would suggest trying jojoba oil. That is also a wonderful oil. I think coconut oil is easier to find than jojoba oil, but if you do have a allergic reaction, that is a substitute that you can use.

All right, my third favorite item, and I guess it would be items. Jimmy Jane makes this amazing massage candle. My new favorite scent is vanilla-sandalwood. I dunno how I haven't come across this in all this time. This scent is divine. Oh my gosh. I love it. And so what happens with these that these are for massage can they're specifically designed for massage. These are not like the regular candles you burn just for ambiance. So what happens is when they melt, the wax is at a lower temperature. You pour it out and Jimmy Jane makes this massage stone. So you can pour it, even see how it even has a, the side is even designed to pour you, pour it into the massage stone. And then you can put this on your partner's body. So you have this warm, delicious-smelling, vanilla sandalwood. They have other scents. I just happen to love vanilla sandalwood. You put this on the body and then you massage it in with the stone and the stone is a little cool. The oil is going to be warm. And so it's just a really nice juxtaposition of, of the cool and the warm on your partner's body.

So Jimmy Jane massage oil candle.

Number four, favorite thing, if you have watched love, sex and goop on Netflix, if you haven't, you should check it out. It's really good. I've never watched an episode of goop. So I don't know about any of the rest of the episodes, but this one was really good. There is a couple on there. I believe their names are Erica and Damon, and they are working with a sex coach named Jaiya. And Jaiya starts to pull out some really cool toys that she plays with. And one of them are whips. She has a couple things. So I'm gonna show I, you, some of the things that she pulls out that are really great for a sexual play. So one of the things she brings out are these Wolverine claws. I remember when she showed them and the husband was like, what is it with women and knives? So these are plastic. They are pointy. Like they, they do, they are pointy, but when you kind of just slowly drag them across the skin, it gives a really nice sensation. So Wolverine claws or something you can play with. And what she's doing is playing with textures because, different things feel different on the body, right? So I have purchased this beautiful velvet one I love this rose handle that it has. And again, it's very soft. It's not designed for impact place. It's just, it's not designed for that. It's designed to just kind of be dragged across the body. And then she also has one that is, has chains on the end of it. And so you can purchase any of these. I got these on Etsy, just look a Floggers and you can find just a variety of different floggers, but this, this person that makes these, and I don't remember the name. I'm sorry, I'll put it in the notes. The person who makes these makes some beautiful, they're just beautiful floggers. So floggers that have different textures on them. Another one of my favorite things.

Number five, I think I'm at are nipple clips. And so let's look at these. So these are cool. And I guess they could be used for women or men. It depends on how erect your nipples get. Like, if they're not inverted, these will probably work. So here's the thing. A lot of women have trouble with their breasts. They have a disconnection with them at, at times. And especially after you have, if you've given birth or any, you know, you given birth and they're not as perky as they were, or you just get older, let's say you don't get, but you just get older and gravity is always on, right? So it's like pulling things down and you may think, you know what, I'm just not as sexy as I thought I was. I used to love my boobs, but they just don't seem to be the same. No, my solution to that because I'm older, I've also had a kid. I get it is to dress 'em up. Okay. And you can dress 'em up with these pretty little nipple clips. And so these are made by again on Etsy, it's by a husband and wife team and their business is called Why BEE normal. So they make the cutest stuff. And so these are nipple clips and they're non-piercing. So you just kind of open up the ring and they make 'em and they have lots of different ones. You open up the ring and then you could just close it around nipple. And then you've got these pretty little nipple clips hanging from your nipples. The other thing they make that I thought was really beautiful is this necklace. And so this necklace has these little it's, you know, tiered crystals at the bottom of it. And then they have these I think they call them nooses. And so you, this goes up and around the nipple here, and then you can tighten it or loosen it as you want. And also little crystals at the in. So you could just like wear this with some heels and just like, that's it right have a great night. And so this is also made by that company Why Bee Normal? Right?

And last but not least one of my new favorite things that I'm gonna share with you. I just found this last weekend I think it's pretty awesome. It's called Wet Head it's by Doc Johnson. They also make, so a lot of people know, Doc Johnson's products for, he makes a product for oral sex. It's called Goodhead. And it kind of, there's some words like, sort of anesthesize the throat. And I, I have mixed feelings about that. Like, if you like it use it, my feeling about it is that when you're gagging, that's a reflex to know that you're choking it. So you don't want, you don't wanna turn that off, but it's completely up to you. That's just my feeling about it. But this is about keeping your mouth wet. And so, you know how you're, you're having oral sex. Sometimes your mouth gets dry and you're trying to like, get some saliva up and yes, you can, you know, you can put the penis further back in your mouth to kind of get the saliva up, or you can use something like this. And so I've heard this, so you can use this. This one is a peppermint flavor. They have holiday flavors. This is the first time I've seen it. So maybe it's been out forever. You all like Renee, you late, but this is the first time I've seen it. So this was a candy cane flavor. You just kind of, you take the top off, you just spritz it in your mouth. It makes your mouth really nice and moist and wet. And then you can just go to town with it. So,uthis is what this is for. So you don't have to try to figure out how to get that saliva up.

So those are my favorite things that I'm sharing with you for this year. I'm sure next year I'll have a whole new list of favorite things, but I hope you go out and check out some of the things I'll put the links to everything I have. Coconut oil, you can get pretty much anywhere, but I'll put the links to the other things in my notes below this video. And if you have some favorite things that you like to use during your sexy play time, please share them with me. I can't wait to hear what they are and see, maybe I already have it, or I can edit to my list and say, oh, these are really great. Thank you so much for sharing this. And I'm sure other people would love to hear it too. In the meantime, have a pleasure-filled week. Bye.

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