Sex Positions for People Over 50 with Chronic Pain

chronic pain

Everyone is Renée Yvonne The Gen SeXologist. And I'm back this week for Sex Ed month. So today I want to talk a little bit about sex positions that you can try as we get older. So you probably remember that in twenties in your thirties and you were flexible. Probably you could do positions that required a lot of energy and you could last forever chewing it, right? And now you hit 45, 50, 60 years old. And you're thinking, you know, my knee hurts. And my hip hurts a little bit. Maybe my lower back hurts. 85% of people have lower back pain. That is a huge amount of people that are suffering with lower back pain that still have to go on with their daily lives and still want to enjoy sex. So today I want to talk about some sex positions that can help you when you have some type of chronic pain going on and what can you still do to achieve pleasure while also taking care of those areas that hurt.

So the first one I'm going to talk about is missionary. So tried and true missionary is great, at least for the partner on the bottom. Usually, the female missionary works great because it can relieve pain that you have in your hip and your knee and your lower back, especially if you put pillows underneath your knees or underneath your legs to kind of elevate it. So that can be a great position to try if you have any type of pain in those areas.

Number two is doggy style. So we all know doggy style, right? In doggy style, one partner is usually the female is on her knees bent over a, a bed or a chair or something like that. She's holding on and the male partner comes behind and enters her. So in this position, this is great if you are a little heavier or you have any type of hip pain, it works great for that. It's not bad too, if you have back pain because your partner can also kind of massage your back while you are being intimate. And so that can help out with that as well.

Number three, cowgirl. So cowgirl is reversed missionary or woman on top is typically how it's viewed. And so for cowgirl this is great. It's less strenuous for women. A lot of women may think it isn't so it can be less strenuous for you as a woman to be on top, especially if you have pain somewhere where it hurts to lay back and do missionary. This can help to take some stress off of those areas that you are laying on, especially if somebody is on top of you. If that makes sense, it also is great for chronic pain and for your male partner is good because they get to lay back and just kind of take it all in. So if they have any type of pain, this is a great position for them to be in, to kind of take some pressure off of any body part that may be hurting on them.

Number four is spooning. So spooning is when both of you are facing the same way, your male, the male partners, usually behind the female partner and entering her from behind. And that may require you to lift a leg or something like that in order for him to enter you. So as spooning your body's curled into one another, one another, and this is great. If you have arthritis, fibromyalgia, any type of chronic pain like that. Because again, there's not another body laying on top of you, which on a part that could hurt and you can get into that position. Granted, if your hip hurts, anything like that, this could be problematic, but if you're not dealing with pain there, this is a good position to be in, to help alleviate any chronic pain that you may be having in other areas of your body.

And last but not least Oh, sorry. I have two more actually not last one is using a chair. So having sex in a chair, so the male partner can be seated. The woman partner can sit on top of him and face him. This helps to build intimacy too, because you're looking directly into each other's eyes. You're close to them- face to face your chest to chest in most cases. This relieves any stress that you may have on your back and your legs. And as I said, it helps to increase intimacy because you're right there. You're very close to each other in a chair in a different way than you are in the bed. So you're, mou know, sitting face to face like this, and that can be really great position to be in as well.

Last but not least, I want to mention this. Now I'll put the link in the bottom. I don't make any sales from anything like this. I'm not an affiliate, but you may want to consider a sex chair. And I mentioned this, I think in the last one of my previous videos, the Liberator Esse, E S S E is a great chair to try out. You can get in a number of these positions or other positions and try things out this way, because this will help you to it'll take the pressure off a lot of the body parts that you may have. So I encourage people, especially Gen Xers and Baby Boomers to invest in a sex chair or a Tantra chair (They call it) or yoga chair. You'll see them listed on a lot of things. You can get them on Wayfair. You could get the Liberator or you can buy one by another company called Tantra Chair.

You can check these out. And because of the wave design of the chair, it helps to alleviate a lot of pressure in different areas and to help you to get into positions that are really hard to get to into when you're flat on a bed. So that's the one I would recommend for any of these, especially as we get older joints may hurt and body parts may hurt that didn't hurt before, but you still want to have great sex with your partner. Try out one of these and let me know on the bottom.

If you have some others that you think are great ways to connect with your partner intimately and relieve any pressure, especially if you're dealing with any kind of chronic pain. I love to hear what else you are doing in the meantime, I'm Renée Yvonne, The Gen SeXologist. And if you like, I keep the conversation going over in my Facebook group. And I love to invite you to it. It's called gen X talks about sex and relationships. So you can come on over there on Facebook. You can search it in the search bar on Facebook, asked to join, answer a couple of questions and come on over and have a conversation about this or anything else you want that relates to Gen Xers and sex. I love to see you over there and meantime, I'll see you next week.

Have a great week. Bye.


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