4 Sex Toys for Men that Will Make You Have Amazing Orgasms

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Hi, everyone is Renée Yvonne, The Gen SeXologist. And this week, because it is masturbation month, I'm talking about sex toys for men to help with masturbation. So I know oftentimes we know a lot about women's toys. We see all this stuff that's online and we're like, Oh my God, look at this. There's a clitoral toy. G-Spot toy. A vaginal toy, but we don't talk as much about men's toys. And there are some on the market that are interesting fun to use either solo or with a partner. And so I'm going to show you four of them today that you may want to check out.

So the first one is that I'm going to show is this finger vibe. I don't know who this is by. But as you see, it's really small. And on the side, here is a little button that turns it on and it vibrates. So this is really nice. You may be thinking Renée, that's not going to put around my penis at all. I'm like, okay, I get that. But what are you think about? So what you're going to do is you put on your finger and this is nice. So if you like are a lot of men they don't get a lot of vibrating stimulation anywhere. So this is nice while you're masturbating with your hand, you can use your other hand to put this on your perineum, which is the area between your testicles and your anus. So you can put it right there and that spot and get stimulation there while you are manually masturbating. And this can bring a really nice sensation that maybe you haven't had before on your penis and helps with masturbation. It has a, it's a rechargeable one. So as you can see, there's two little magnetic electrodes, if you will call them right there. And so it comes with a special charger and you just attach it there and it charges. So you don't need any batteries with this. I am all about not having to use batteries for toys. So this is a great little toy that you can pick up in my online store.

The second one I want to share with you. I bought this at Love Honey, the website, and this is a sleeve. And so your penis will go inside of here. It too vibrates. So there's a button on the top. You turn it on. It's rechargeable as well. It has a little hole. It's probably very hard to see there's a little hole there and the charger goes in there to charge it. So this you would use on your penis and you just can rub it up and down and get the vibrations. It's also nice if a partner wants to use this on you.

So if you're doing manual mutual masturbation, you can use it for that. And it could also be used very similar to this one, where you can put it on the perineum area. We see itcovers a lot more space that way, but you can play with it as well that way. And again it brings a different type of feeling to masturbation that a lot of men don't typically get because we, you know, they don't make a lot of toys. They haven't been traditionally making a lot of vibrators from them. This comes at different speeds. You may even be able to hear it now, and it has different vibrations as well. So it goes from kind of a light vibration to a very strong vibration, and it goes to vibration that kind of goes up and down and up and down. So you could play around with what feels good to you to see which one you like best. And if you hold it down for a few seconds, you could turn it off.

The third one, I want to show you does not have any batteries. It's called a tango and their little eggs that they make Tenga eggs is what they're called. And they come in a little, little egg like this. You can even buy a set of them in like in a cart. So the tango eggs look like this. And if you look on the inside, you'll see that it has different types of textures on them. And each one is different. It's the only one I have, but this one is different. And it also comes with a little container of lube. Lube is your friend. Everything is better with Lube. So you're going to put the lube on the inside of this. And then you put this over your shaft. And this again gives you different stations, not like the vibrations, but it gives you a different texture for your penis that you may not have experienced before. You can use this several times. It's not a permanent toy, but you can use this several times before. It's probably like gross and you have to get a new egg. But it comes in a little egg, like I said, with the lube inside. And then you just store it inside the little a case, no batteries required for this.

And last but not least. My favorite is a toy called the Manta. And this is designed by a German company called Fun Factory. And as you can see you need lube for this too, because it's kind of has these ridges in here. So you put lube in here. This goes around the penis. So while you are masturbating, you can use this up and down on your penis. This way it has this handy loop here so that you can hold it the button to turn it on is here.

And you may be able to see a kind of vibrating as I play with this. It also has different speeds, different vibrations. So you kind of go in and out. It's also good for nipple play. So if you're a guy who likes nipple play, and maybe you haven't told your partner that you haven't even explored it, you don't even know if you like it. You could and put this on your nipples and also see like play around with that and see like, Oh, this is a different sensation that I hadn't experienced before. So this is a really cool toy that you can do a lot with, but you do need a lot of with this one. Okay? All of these toys cleaned up nicely with soap and water, mild soap and water, or with a toy cleaner. If that's what you want to use for that, and then turn it off.

You just push the red button and it goes off it too has the two little electrodes here, and you just attach it. It has a magnet you attach it here and it charges. So these are all rechargeable toys except for this, because this one doesn't have a battery. So those are the four toys I wanted to show to help with masturbation. You could check them out there on my website and see which one you like play around with them. See which one works for you. It feels good. And also you don't have to use them alone. You can try them out with a partner and see which one feels the best to you. Let your partner know, communicate like this feels really good. I like this one. Don't like that one. Don't use it again, you know, but play around is see. And which one you like and let me know in the comments below in the meantime, I'll see you next week. I'm Renee Yvonne, the Gen SeXologist. And I look forward to telling you more about masturbation during Masturbation Month in an upcoming video.


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