7 Unexpected Reasons to Have a Daily Orgasm (With or Without a Partner)

daily orgasm


Hi everyone it’s Renée Yvonne, The Gen Sexologist. And this week I want to talk with you about seven reasons why you should have an orgasm as much as you possibly can. So this may seem like a Renée. Yeah You know, we should do that. Maybe I can't have one, but for those of you that can, and those of you that are trying, I want to give you some reasons why it is a good idea to keep trying if you haven't and if you are having them to keep doing them even more.

Number one, lifespan, having an orgasm on a regular basis, that would be two to three times a week at a minimum helps to increase your lifespan. Happy people make it produce endorphins which keep you happier. Right? And that way you are able to kind of increase your lifespan because you are less stressed and you're less overworked. And you release the stress that you have and thereby increases your lifespan.

Number two pain reliever. So a little bit of a TMI I'm going to tell you, but I fell down an escalator about two and a half years ago and hurt my lower back. And I've done acupuncture and physical therapy and massage therapy and all kinds of things to help with my back. But sometimes at night, it's just painful. And the other night it was so bad. It's resulted I suppose as sciatica. I've gotten so many different diagnoses. I don't really know. I just know it hurts at this point, but that night I was laying down and I have pain going from my lower back all the way down to my foot. It was numb and tingling and nothing was helping just laying there. Wasn't helping, I had taken some Aleve. It hadn't helped yet. And I remember reading somewhere that having an orgasm can help alleviate pain. I thought you know what the heck I don't, you know, I've tried everything else. So I pulled out my favorite clitoral vibrator, the Satisfyer Curve 3, I believe this one is, and had an orgasm. And within 10 minutes, my pain was gone and I was able to sleep. So I could tell you on a personal note that it does help in pain. And so the next time you have a headache or you're just not feeling well for some reason, you're having some type of joint pain, try having an orgasm and see if that helps alleviate some pain, because it's not just it doesn't just numb the pain like some, or make the symptom go away. You know, some medications do that. It just puts you to sleep. This actually will help to work with the analgesics to take the pain away.

Number three, having an orgasm is an immune system booster. So, you know, we're all in the time of COVID. We like our immunity to definitely be boosted as much as possible. And having an orgasm can help do that.

Number four. And this is an interesting one I just came across. It can help alleviate hiccups, especially if you have chronic hiccups. So the nerve that works with hiccups, I'm not a doctor, so I'm not going to get too technical with this. It's called the vagus nerve. And when you stimulate the vagus nerve, it can help alleviate hiccups. And one way to do that is by having an orgasm. Now, the way that it was done in the past by a physician is that he would actually digitally stimulate the rectal area. So I know that people like, yeah, no, that's not happening, but if you just have an orgasm of any sort, have sex and have an orgasm that can help alleviate your hiccups.

Number five, it can cure insomnia. Have you ever had really good sex or even just, OK sex? If you had sex, had a great orgasm, you know, that oftentimes especially people with penises, men often just roll over and fall asleep, right? And sometimes for women, it's the same thing. So having an orgasm can help cure insomnia. So one of those nights where you're just up and you're tossing and turning, masturbate or have sex, have an orgasm, you'll be asleep within 10, 15 minutes.

Number six, it keeps the vaginal wall supple. So when you have an orgasm, it brings moisture to the vaginal area. And you want to do that, especially as we get older because as you produce less estrogen, you get less lubrication being produced in the vaginal area, and having an orgasm can help keep that area supple and young, if you will, so that it always feels good when you do have sex.

And last but not least, it helps to lower your blood pressure. Why? Because it reduces your stress, great sex and intimacy with your partner can help reduce stress by having an orgasm. During which you release that stress and thereby lower your blood pressure.

So I hope these tips help you. I hope that you go out and have an orgasm today or tomorrow or the day after that because as you can see, there's a lot of health benefits from having an orgasm. It's not just there for pleasure, but you'll see that you get a lot out of it. Health-wise as well.

I'm Renée, your Gen Sexologist, and I'll see you next week.


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